A scalable M2M solution that cuts
your time to market to mere weeks.

We believe that the key to a product's success is simplicity and ease of use.

cell tower - cellular connectivity

Easy To Use

Cellular connectivity is the only option that allows products to just work, right out of the box. No setup, no pairing, no installs.

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Over the years we have been refining connectivity management, encryption, remote provisioning and other critical components required to build reliable infrastructure.

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We use simple testing and quality control procedures, and reduce the complexity of logistics by post-production provisioning.

Keeping your customers happy is the number one priority, but making sure your manufacturing and logistics run smoothly and efficiently is close second.


By building on our tried and tested solution, you get to focus on what your product actually does, not how you transmit the results.

Minimal Code Footprint

We let you focus on what your product actually does, not how you transmit the results. We take care of connection management, encryption and storing your messages if they could not be delivered.

Regardless of whether your system has a low-cost 8-bit microcontroller or the latest ARM core, the code you need for communication will be minimal, which not only saves you months of development time, but also eliminates a myriad of potential bugs.

code snippet
links - integrated technology


Data is sent and received over serial port, using a simple protocol. There are no AT commands, APNs, complicated string parsing and endless conversion.

stopwatch - fast time to market

Fast Time To Market

We have a proven track record of getting developers to functional prototypes in a matter of hours and production-ready designs in weeks.

checkmark - quality

Easy Quality Control

Our scales use the same cellular technology that your phone uses when you browse the web or send an e-mail. We have access to cellular networks in almost all countries around the globe.


Security is a must for all wireless applications. Our system handles data encryption, key management and provisioning automatically and transparently. You never have to worry about the complexities of cryptography, because we have built in the state-of-the-art.

safe - secure system

Under the hood, each message sent over the air is encrypted end-to-end using AES. Keys are exchanged using the Elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellmann algorithm, and provisioning is secured through a chain of signed keys.

All you need is our cellular modem and an antenna. You just pass on the data you want to send, our modem takes care of the rest.


We provide unified access to almost all cellular operators' networks across the globe.

world map - global network coverage

Global Wireless Connectivity

Wherever your devices may go, we've got them covered. No need to manage contracts with multiple wireless carriers, worry about devices crossing borders or spotty coverage.

Simplified Logistics

Our modems require no external SIM cards. All of your devices can be the same, regardless of their final destination. It is no longer necessary to decide in advance which region a particular batch goes to, all units work everywhere.


We are committed to getting you the lowest data rates possible, because we understand that it is key to growing your business.

price tag - low cost pricing

Low Cost and Simple Pricing

You can add cellular connectivity to any device at volume for less than $10 in bill-of-materials cost and $1.5-2 monthly for typical machine-to-machine usage scenarios.

calculator - accurate and simple billing

Accurate & Automated Billing

With automatic subscription activation on first use, device management becomes much simpler. Switching devices on and off is also simple and we don't charge you any fees for suspended accounts.